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Small business owner in his bike shop fixing a motorcycle.

What Is UCC & Why Is It Important?

Whether you’re new to owning a business, or you’ve operated your own company for decades, it seems that every city, county, and state has its own set of laws governing how to conduct business. While…

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Open sign in front of business window

Common Business Legal Mistakes

Starting a new business is an exciting venture for any solo artist or entrepreneur. Coming up with the name, drafting a business plan, and getting your LLC are all important milestones that bring you one…

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Why Hire a Contract Drafting Attorney?

Every small business will face legal concerns. Whether you need an expert to review new contract agreements and permits, or require legal counsel to assist with supplier or vendor disputes, it’s important to protect your…

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Young family of four walking down sidewalk in the rain.

Estate Planning Tips for 2022

As a parent and/or spouse, it’s your responsibility to ensure the financial security of your family in your absence. Estate planning is a “must-have” set of legal documents that help protect your loved ones’ futures,…

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Three business owners talking in building about setting up a buy sell agreement.

Basics of Buy and Sell Agreement

Though we can’t predict the future, we can do our best to plan and prepare for life’s many curveballs. This is especially important if you run a small business. What’s more, if you “co-own” a…

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Two business partners shaking hands.

Tips for Ending a Business Partnership

As with any relationship, starting a small business with someone can be an exciting new venture. However, the financial strain of daily operations combined with strong egos can easily turn any good relationship sour over…

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Female business owner handing cup of coffee to female customer.

LLC vs. DBA: Which Is Right for Me?

Anyone who has taken an “Intro to Business” course has heard about the different types of business structures available to entrepreneurs. The two most commonly asked about are Limited Liability Company (LLC) and “Doing Business…

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Female attorney speaking with two lawyers at law firm.

Attorney vs. Lawyer [What’s the Difference]?

Though these two terms get used interchangeably, there’s actually a few key differences between what type of services you can expect from an attorney vs. a lawyer. Are lawyers and attorneys the same thing? A…

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Large construction equipment working on new construction site for development.

How to Start a Construction Company

Are you starting a new construction company, or looking for some guidance as you consider taking on a new construction project?  Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure you’re creating a solid foundation on which…

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Young man meeting with a female lawyer.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

There’s nothing generic about your life—so why should your legal representation be cookie cutter?  In today’s ever-evolving world, finding a professional law firm you can trust is invaluable. You want one that has a vast…

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