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What Qualifies You to Receive Alimony?

What Qualifies You to Receive Alimony?

Emotions, stress, and all the legal considerations involved in divorce proceedings can take a toll on your mental and financial well-being. Understanding your rights and what you’re entitled to can also be confusing. One complicated…

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What does a trust administration officer do?

What Does a Trust Administrative Officer Do?

As you get older, estate planning becomes an essential piece of your retirement goals, especially if you have family or loved ones you’re leaving behind. Considering how to allocate and protect your assets may leave…

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professional business woman smiling

Is It Legal to Change a Contract After Signing?

For business owners and individuals alike, contracts are often considered rigid, consequence-imposing agreements that require stringent compliance. Though this outlook is not necessarily wrong, it lacks the nuance that comes with contract law. For example,…

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notebook and pen on table

What Are the Top 3 Elements of a Breach of Contract Claim?

Contracts regulate what you do every day. From the simple task of purchasing groceries at your local market to the more complex undertaking of purchasing a new home, you engage with contracts on a daily…

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Two women discussing estate planning

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do?

Nearly everyone has an estate, including you. Your estate comprises everything you own, from your home, car, checking and savings accounts to your investments, insurance, and personal possessions. Estate planning is planning for how an…

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woman signing a business contract

How Do I Find a Good Contract Attorney?

A contract is a legally binding agreement, which can be in writing or oral. You’ve engaged with these types of documents in your everyday life, whether or not you’ve known it. From the simplest transaction…

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open door with keys hanging in lock

Is a Cohabitation Agreement Right for Me?

Whether you’re planning to move in with your significant other or you’ve been living together for years, you may have heard the legal term “cohabitation agreement” and wondered if this option applies to your situation….

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construction man working on job site

Reasons to Hire a Construction Attorney

Successful construction projects require collaboration between multiple parties—from architects and contractors to owners and investors. With so many moving parts, any construction job has the potential for disagreements, along with several other legal hang ups,…

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Twin Cities Probate Lawyer

Understanding Child Custody Rights as a Father

Divorce can be a stressful and confusing time—even more so for couples who have children. Cases that involve child custody disputes usually question what rights father have. This is accomplished by evaluating the ability of…

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Young mother with children

How to Extend Your Parental Visitation Rights

Going through a divorce can be difficult, even if both parties involved desire a mutual outcome. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have any children together, the stress and complexity of your divorce proceedings can…

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