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Minnesota Law Firm for Small Business

From Contracts to Claims, Legal Support Benefits Your Small Business

Every small business faces legal concerns. Whether you need contracts and documents reviewed or need help with contractor or supplier disputes, protect yourself and your company with attentive legal support. As a small business owner,…

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Bring Your New Construction Venture from Plan to Reality with these Tips

Starting a new construction company or project? Consider these helpful tips to turn your dream into reality. 1) Stay on top of your finances: Bank Account – Make sure to set up a bank account…

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Questions about Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Answer These Critical Questions Before Writing a Will

Are you ready to write a last will and testament? A lot goes into this important document – consider these four simple questions before you get started. 1. Who do you want as the executor…

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Enjoy Tailored Legal Representation

Why You Should Avoid “Cookie-Cutter” Legal Services

Don’t get stuck with impersonal legal services. There’s nothing generic about your life –why should your legal representation be generic? It’s vital to find a lawyer who will advocate for your unique circumstances instead of…

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