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Mistakes in Contracts: What is there to Know?

“Mistakes happen.” You have likely heard this as a kid after knocking over a flower vase or as a teenage driver after backing into the garage door. The truth is that mistakes continue to happen…

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Things You Should Know When Starting a Business: 3 Types of Agreements

At any stage of business, contracts are essential. From signing a lease to hiring your first employee and even ordering a water cooler, contracts and agreements are unavoidable. While the small print for keeping the…

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Is Choosing a Public Defender Right for You?

Everyone can make mistakes. Dealing with the consequences of these mistakes is a time-consuming process that can involve heavy financial costs, but more importantly, jeopardize your own freedom. The right legal representation you choose can…

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8 Documents Your Divorce Attorney Will Need

A wedding is one of the happiest days in an individual’s life. Unfortunately, sometimes marriage does not work out and the next step is divorce. Cases involving family law are an especially difficult and emotional…

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What is the Uniform Commercial Code and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Everyday, KTF Law helps bring the dreams of business owners to life by guiding them through the new construction process. Anyone new to construction law is in for a brain numbing experience. It seems that…

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What’s an LLC and Why Should You Start One?

Anyone who has taken an “Intro to Business” course has likely heard the different types of business entities. You might even remember learning that LLC’s are typically the best option for small businesses. If you’re…

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Hiring a Small Business Attorney? Ask These Questions First

For entrepreneurs starting their first business, the legal world can be an overwhelming mess. The mountains of paperwork to file, standards to meet, and books to keep can leave you wondering where to begin. Typically,…

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The 3 Risks of Not Hiring a Contract Lawyer

Contracts are often associated with official business matters or high-profile athletes however; you may be surprised to know that contracts are a part of our everyday lives. From a user agreement on your favorite smartphone…

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Things You Should Know When Starting a Business: Buy-Sell Agreements

“Starting a small business takes work” may be the greatest understatement of all time. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate and each day brings its own challenges and minor meltdowns. While every business is…

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A Quick Lesson in Legal Jargon From a Law Firm

Have you ever read through iTunes’ User Agreement and thought to yourself, what the heck does this all mean? Well you are not alone. Here at KTF Law, we’ll be the first to admit that…

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