A Quick Lesson in Legal Jargon From a Law Firm

Have you ever read through iTunes’ User Agreement and thought to yourself, what the heck does this all mean? Well you are not alone. Here at KTF Law, we’ll be the first to admit that legal jargon is far from enjoyable Sunday afternoon reading material. In fact, it can be down right mind numbing if you’re not used to reading it like our Minneapolis attorneys. We’ll let you in on a secret: even lawyers think it’s boring too.

Even though you probably won’t find yourself in the shoes of a business lawyer reading through pages of legalese, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of some common legal phrases. If nothing else, you can use this jargon to impress your friends:

  • Acquit: A judgment determining a defendant not guilty in a criminal test.
  • Class Action: A lawsuit brought by one or more persons on behalf of a larger group based on similar claims and seeking identical relief.
  • Domicile: The place where a person has a permanent home to which he/she intends to return.
  • Execute: To complete the legal requirements that make a will or judgment valid.
  • Lien: A legal claim against another person’s property as security for a debt.
  • Perjury: The criminal offense of making a false statement under oath.
  • Quash: To overthrow, vacate, annul or void.
  • Rebut: Evidence disproving other evidence that had been previously presented.
  • Restitution: Act of giving the equivalent for any loss, damage, or injury.
  • Sequester: To separate; as in the case of a jury being separated from outside influences.
  • Writ: A judicial order that directs a person to do something.

Even though there’s no way you’ll make it through the entire ITunes User Agreement awake, this crash course in legal jargon should give you a leg up when making small talk on court rulings and contract law.

To help you figure out just what a contract is saying, contact the Minneapolis lawyers at KTF Law. Our team of business lawyers have spent hours combing through legalese and are ready to help you decipher whatever legal jargon you come up with!

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