January 22, 2016

Hiring a Small Business Attorney

For entrepreneurs starting their first business, the legal world can be an overwhelming mess. The mountains of paperwork to file, standards to meet, and books to keep can leave you wondering where to begin. Typically, one of the first individuals an entrepreneur contacts when starting their venture is a small business attorney. In many cases, this attorney will work with the small business for many years so it’s important this relationship is solid from the start. How can entrepreneurs find the right small business attorney from the start?

In 2013, Entrepreneur.com published an article with 10 questions to help find the right attorney for your business. Below are a few of these questions with a brief explanation of how our Minneapolis law firm can help with each:

How much experience do you have with my industry?

Different industries require different skills and knowledge of the law. A business lawyer experienced in your field will be better prepared for any issues that may arise. The small business lawyers at KTF Law have helped startups across a variety of industries. Please contact us directly to learn more about which industries we have served.

How long do you typically take to get back to clients?

Effective communication is essential for business attorneys. Some attorneys may prefer to correspond via email or phone, either way it’s important to have someone who will answer your questions when they arise. The Minneapolis lawyers at KTF Law take pride in prioritizing their clients. Rest assured, we’ll be there when you need us.

Do you make referrals to other attorneys?

An attorney that is willing to put you in touch with a colleague for guidance on a specialized topic is an attorney worth keeping. While we pride ourselves on our experience and capabilities, our Minneapolis lawyer’s network covers a wide variety of areas and specialties. Rest assured that if we can’t help you, we know who can!

Before making any big decisions about starting a business in Minnesota, contact KTF Law’s small business lawyers. We will walk with you through the entire process and become an advocate for your business for years to come!

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