Partnership, Buy/Sell and Succession Law for MN Businesses

Partnership, Buy/Sell and Succession Law for MN Businesses

Ensure a Smooth Business Transition with KTF Law

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Businesses of all sizes experience periods of transition involving a wide range of legal complexities. While these times of evolution can be exciting for a growing business, they also represent a vulnerable time when tough transactional decisions and arrangements must be made. During these times, ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of a business and its employees is paramount. An experienced business lawyer will provide clarity for a business owner and guide them through their situation’s intricacies, helping them to smoothly reach their goals.

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Why hire a business lawyer to guide you through a business transition instead of shooting from the hip?

  1. A business lawyer will provide an expert eye to spot potential pitfalls or risks that may not be obvious now, but could become problematic in the future
  2. A business lawyer is able to act as a third party and push the issues without harming the relationship between business partners
  3. A business lawyer will serve as a confidant to professionally address questions or concerns as they arise

Find expert legal services for your Minnesota business with KTF Law

The KTF Law team of Minneapolis attorneys is proud to be an advocate for our business clients in Minnesota. Our Minneapolis law firm starts by working alongside you to fully understand your goals for your company then work backwards to put in place a plan to achieve them. Whether this involves succession planning, acquiring a new venture, or transitioning ownerships, our business lawyers will provide clarity to help you understand what the process looks like and which documents will govern the transition. We’ve helped all types of businesses thrive through transition periods and we look forward to assisting you next!

KTF Law’s Minneapolis business lawyers are ready to assist with:

  • Partnership contracts
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Buy-out of equity stakes
  • Transitioning ownership
  • Business acquisition
  • Agreement drafting
  • Arranging equity ownership
  • Succession planning
  • Dispute resolution

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