September 9, 2016

Zoning Laws, Design Approval, and Business Lending

Breaking ground on a commercial construction process is a long process. While there is quite a bit of pomp and circumstance around the groundbreaking, getting the first shovel to hit the dirt can take years. The planning process is extended by the amount of legal requirements and regulations that must be met and filed. Having an experienced business attorney well versed in construction law at your side can help make this a smooth process however, you’re likely to have years of work ahead of you.

As a reputable Minneapolis construction law firm, KTF Law has helped many Minnesota business owners and developers bring their dreams to life. Whether constructing a new office space, hotel, or even a senior living center, our business attorneys possess the experience to guide you through the legal side at each phase of the construction process.

No matter the scale, every new construction project faces similar legal questions. Below are some of the most common items that our team of Minneapolis business lawyers assist developers and business owners with when breaking ground.


Minneapolis Zoning Code: Understanding a city’s zoning laws before beginning the design process is vital. KTF’s team of Minneapolis business lawyers is very familiar with the Twin City’s zoning laws and can provide guidance to design a building that adheres to all zoning codes.

Design Approval: In order to ensure that the design of the new structure’s design will meet building code and other regulations, design approval must take place. Depending on the location and scale of the project, this may mean getting certified by the city, county, or state. The design approval is also an agreement between a developer and contractor on the desired end product.

Business Lending: New construction takes money. In most cases this involves taking out a business loan to fund the construction. Set yourself up for success by trusting our business attorneys to serve as your advocate throughout the business lending process.


Thinking of building? Make KTF Law your first call. Our Minneapolis business lawyers are ready to stand by your side and put you on the fast track to your grand opening!

Skyline silhouette over a construction yard with three cranes
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