Is Choosing a Public Defender Right for You?

Everyone can make mistakes. Dealing with the consequences of these mistakes is a time-consuming process that can involve heavy financial costs, but more importantly, jeopardize your own freedom. The right legal representation you choose can have a major impact on the outcome of these situations. This is why choosing a public defender is not always the best way. Minneapolis’s own KTF Law helps educate individuals on the risks of choosing a public defender and how they can impact your wallet and freedom.

Many times in these situations, individuals get caught up in the process and forget what a public defender is. Public defenders are government-paid, court-appointed attorneys. They are often limited in their time, resources, choices, and authority.

3 downsides of choosing a public defender include:

  1. Heavy Caseload – Many public defenders are overworked. Some can handle up to 200 cases at a time and many times your case information isn’t in front of him or her until a day before court. This simply does not leave enough time to prepare proper legal defense
  2. No Specialization – While public defenders are licensed attorneys, many of them are not specialized. Due to the high turnover of clients, many do not possess the proper field experience.
  3. Lack of Resources – Investigating, preparing a case, and hiring experts takes funds and manpower. Public defenders do not typically possess these funds.

This process of gaining proper legal representation can be intimidating and confusing. It is a time where many aren’t quite sure on the next step and the thought of the future can be scary. When dealing with not only major finical risks but also your most valuable asset, your freedom, hiring a public defender is a risk you cannot afford to take. Choosing the proper legal representation provides the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. Whether you need attorney legal services or simply in need of more legal information contact KTF Law. Our Minneapolis attorneys will provide you with the best expert legal services and guide you to finding the best legal representation in Minneapolis for your individual case.

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