Small business attorneys, small business lawyers, minneapolis law firmStarting a business is an exciting time for any budding entrepreneur.  When all the pieces of your dream begin coming together, the last thing you likely want to be bothered by are complicated legal matters. However, some of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make involve the legal issues concerning their new business.

Regardless of the industry or size of the business, investing in legal services will undoubtedly pay off in the long run simply by avoiding mistakes. Below are some of the most common legal mistakes that small businesses make when they don’t work with a lawyer:


Not Using the Correct Legal Structure: Many business owners don’t take the time to research the different types of business structures and end up selecting the wrong one. In order to make the correct selection, a business owner must have a clear vision of their current situation as well as their goals for the future.

No Human Resource Guideline: While it can be easy to disregard human resources when a business has only one or two employees, a growing company must have guidelines for the conduct of their team. Without the proper HR guidelines in place, the company may be liable for any range of employee related issues.

Not Protecting Intellectual Property: Waiting to secure a patent, copyright, or trademark is a very common mistake among new business owners. This should always be done as soon as possible whenever starting a company.

Not Protecting Your Digital Presence: Today, a website can be a business’s most valuable asset. A business owner must ensure that their digital presence is protected from hackers and their customer’s data is always kept private and secured.


Working with a small business lawyer can help you avoid many of these common mistakes. A business lawyer will guide you through many of the legal concerns and allow you to focus on running your business. Contact the Minneapolis business lawyers at KTF law to get started and schedule a consultation today!

Small business attorneys, small business lawyers, minneapolis law firm
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