hand-325321_640Contracts are often associated with official business matters or high-profile athletes however; you may be surprised to know that contracts are a part of our everyday lives. From a user agreement on your favorite smartphone app to the receipt for your morning latte, different types of contracts are all around us.

Even though most of the contracts you see won’t include a signing bonus worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (like some professional athletes), they are still important and should be treated as such. This is why hiring a contract lawyer to review and draft a personal or business contract is so crucial. When it comes to writing contracts, going it alone can be a dangerous path. Here are 3 risks of not hiring a contract lawyer:

  • The Risk of Losing Money: Business lawyer’s fees are a small price to pay when compared with the amount needed to handle a contract breach case. Spend the money upfront to ensure that your contract is says what is supposed to and will protect you.
  • The Risk of Losing Time: For the average Joe, contracts are incredibly complicated to understand much less write. Not only is the verbiage hard to comprehend, it’s hard to know what’s important and what can be left out. Trusting this task to a contract lawyer will allow you to give your time to other things while ensuring that your contract is done correctly.
  • The Risk of Going it Alone: Working with a contract lawyer provides you with an opportunity to develop a relationship with a legal professional that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. A lawyer that understands you and your business on a personal level is an invaluable asset that will provide you with better custom legal services.

At KTF Law, we strive to develop lasting relationships with all of the clients we serve. From business law to family law, we provide professional guidance for the drafting of contracts in nearly all instances. Work with the Minneapolis contract lawyers at KTF Law to build your next contract!

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