Should I Hire a Construction Attorney?

Successful construction projects require collaboration between multiple parties—from architects and contractors to owners and investors. With so many moving parts, any construction job has the potential for disagreements, along with several other legal hang ups, making it vitally important to have an experienced team of construction lawyers protecting your interests.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Construction Attorney

An experienced construction attorney assists with all areas concerning the construction process. At KTF Law Firm, we accomplish this by having comprehensive knowledge of the planning, execution, and completion of construction projects, which allows us to offer our clients unique insights into contract law and construction law. Going beyond protecting your interests, the top five reasons to hire a construction attorney can help you:

  • Avoid Litigation–Even with the slickest designed contracts, disputes can and most assuredly will arise and instead of dealing with time consuming and costly litigation, your construction attorney will assist you with exploring other options, such as mediation and arbitration.
  • Handle Contract Negotiations–Especially true with government contracts or any projects that require federal intervention, your construction attorney will help navigate these negotiations to ensure you get the best contract possible.
  • Prevent Back-End Mistakes–Whether this comes from a cash flow issue due to a vendors or suppliers not fulfilling their end of the deal or from workers refusing to show up to a site because of pay issues, your construction attorney prepares against these undesirable outcomes through construction liens, etc.
  • Provide Legal Protection–It should be no surprise that construction is one of the most dangerous jobs. Therefore, employers are required to maintain a safe working environment. Your construction attorney will help protect you from third-party liability suits, such as injury claims resulting from others’ negligence among other civil actions that could be taken against you.
  • Relief for Your General Counsel–Your company may already have its own in-house or general council, but they may not specialize in construction law or contract law. They might be swamped with other tasks and projects. Let your specialized construction attorney provide assistance and take the lead on issues related to construction law.

Construction Law Attorneys in the Twin Cities

Safeguard your construction project by hiring an attorney experienced in construction law. At KTF Law Firm, our skilled attorneys have years of experience in contract law and construction law throughout Minnesota. Leverage our industry knowledge and understanding of new construction legal matters by contacting us today for legal consultation.

construction man working on job site
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