How Do I Find a Good Contract Attorney?

A contract is a legally binding agreement, which can be in writing or oral. You’ve engaged with these types of documents in your everyday life, whether or not you’ve known it. From the simplest transaction of purchasing your morning coffee to signing up for a cell phone plan, a lot of what you do every day is regulated by the rules of contract law.

Even with this level of engagement, contract law isn’t easily disseminated and then quickly understood. Most lawyers can practice contract law, though many specialize in it as a contract attorney, whether working as a solo practitioner or for a large law firm.

Why Do I Need a Contract Attorney?

A valid contact has four parts:

  • Offer: One party makes an offer.
  • Acceptance: The other party accepts the offer on the same terms offered.
  • Consideration: Each party gives something up, an example being an employment contract, one party gives up labor while the other gives up money.
  • Mutual Intent to Enter an Agreement: Both parties are bound by the contract.

This may seem simple on the surface, but contracts become complex behemoths before you know it. Wording and format have to be very specific to be legally binding to hold up in court. Working with a contract attorney ensures that your documents are legal, admissible in court, and are free of loopholes. Contract lawyers can also draft your documents for you, or at the very least go over what you have drafted yourself. Contract attorneys also give legal advice on what can happen if you believe your contract has been breached or broken.

Best Qualities to Look for in a Contract Attorney

A recent article in lists the following as the best qualities to look for when hiring a contract attorney:

  • Knowledgeable in Business – Since contracts are in almost every aspect of business, such as purchasing and selling goods and services, transportation, storage, employment, and intellectual property rights, it’s best if they have a good understanding within these areas.
  • Specialized Skill for Contract Law – An experienced lawyer should possess cultivated skills in research, writing, and negotiation, while being aware of the laws and regulations that apply to contractual arrangements.
  • Experienced in Various Aspects of Contract Law – It’s important for your attorney to not only have mastery over contract law but to also have insight on potential issues that could arise and actively guard against such potential risks.
  • Has Accomplishments within Contract Law – If an attorney can demonstrate his/her accomplishments in contract law, whether through awards, professional recognition, or working in a firm renowned for its professional representation in contract law.

Finding a good contract attorney for drafting or reviewing your contracts can save you time, money, and stress. And by assisting you with contract drafting, they’ll be safeguarding you against unforeseen complications, errors, and misunderstandings. Contract attorneys can also help prevent other legal issues that result from poorly written contracts that may contain loopholes.

Minneapolis Attorneys Specialized in Contract Law

Whether you have a contract in place, need help drafting or reviewing one, consider working with our knowledgeable contract attorneys at KTF Law Firm. We’ll provide you with legal expertise, support, and professional contract drafting services you need to enjoy peace of mind. Contact us today!

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