Hiring a Small Business Attorney?

Whether you own a start-up company or established brand, hiring an experienced attorney who specializes in business law can help you protect the longevity of your business. From commercial code interpretation and contract drafting to litigation services, a professional business attorney will assist you with all your legal and consultation needs.

Before you decide which attorney is right for your business, however, you’ll want to address these three basic questions:

  • Who Will Be Handling Your Work?

Although it’s common practice for attorneys to delegate work to paralegals, you’ll want to ensure your case isn’t being handed over from person to person like an assembly line. Instead, you want an experienced attorney who understands business law and who can customize his or her services to suit your specific situation.

  • Does the Attorney Offer Referrals?

A sign of a good attorney is one who is willing to put the client’s needs first. This means the attorney is willing to refer you to another colleague who may has more experience in a specialized issue—even if it costs the attorney your business.

  • Are There Any Potential Conflicts of Interest?

It’s important to find out whether your business attorney is currently serving competitors in your industry. This can lead to a conflict of interest if you and the other company engage in a future dispute. It’s a good idea to ask the attorney how he or she handles potential conflicts of interest between clients, should they arise.

Other important questions to ask a business attorney:

  • Does the attorney have experience serving clients in your industry? 
  • Do you feel supported by the firm’s services?
  • How often does the attorney communicate with clients?
  • How are clients billed for services?

Whether your company requires assistance with contract disputes or agreements, legal mediation, or small business legal advice, the experienced business lawyers at KTF Law Firm are here to help.

Our Minneapolis law firm works with a large network of professionals to provide you with tailored recommendations, personal attention, and the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Small business attorney for contractor or construction company
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