December 1, 2021

Do Part-Time Workers Receive Holiday Pay?

With the holiday season now in full swing, many small business owners may wonder about holiday pay, overtime, and paid time off. Below, we’ll discuss part-time workers specifically, and what they may be entitled to during the holiday season.

Part-Time Labor Laws in Minnesota

Part-time hours are defined in varying ways, from state to state and business to business. Most employers consider a part-time work schedule to be anything under 40 hours a week, but others define it as anywhere between 20-36 hours. 

The definition also varies between public and private businesses, and government agencies. 

Minnesota state law defines a “fixed” workweek, but does not define full or part-time hours within that said week. As such, it’s up to each employer’s discretion to define employee work schedules. 

Employee contracts, employer’s policies, or union agreements should outline hours and wage rules further, as a best practice.

Part-Time Hours & Holiday Pay

Contracts, policies, and union agreements will typically also outline the practices for paying employees for working during the holidays. 

Federal and state laws do not provide any provisions for increased holiday pay rates or overtime for working on a holiday—whether for full-time or part-time employees.

Public employers are prohibited from being open for business on all federal holidays, except for Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and in cases of necessity or public business transacted by the legislature. Private employers, however, are allowed to schedule employees to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, and pay them the same rate as any other workday. 

Unless an employee picks up an extra shift on a holiday that pushes them over the 40 or 48-hour limit, they will not be paid anything extra for holiday work. 

This means an employee is paid 50% of their hourly wage on top of their regular rate for every hour worked past 40 hours. Though not a legal requirement for part-time employees, extra pay for extra work is always gratefully appreciated, especially around the holidays. 

Employers should always consider factors like employee morale and satisfaction when deciding on holiday and/or overtime pay rates. 

Need to Update Your Employee Contract?

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