December 27, 2019

We hear this question come up a lot. Whether it’s for your business or for personal use, drafting a contract that will protect your interests takes careful consideration. When creating a legally binding contract, one party is typically responsible for drafting an offer of services or agreement, which the other party (or parties) can choose to either accept or reject.

While it’s entirely possible to draft a contract on your own, it’s also incredibly risky, especially if you experience a breach of contract that could end up costing you money or leaving you liable in court.

To help you understand the fundamental importance of a contract drafting, here are three thing that can happen if you draft or sign a contract without a lawyer:

  1. Non-enforceable: There are certain scenarios that may affect the validation of a contract. For example, if it’s deemed that the signing of the contract was coerced, misrepresented, or void of important details pertaining to the agreement, the contract may no longer be forceable in the court of law.
  2. Unfair Favoritism: If you’re signing a contract that another party drafted, either with or without the council of an attorney, the probability that the contract favors the other party is significantly higher. Without having your own attorney review the agreement before signing, you risk paying for it in the end, either out of pocket, in services, or in court fees. Having an attorney review your contract prior to signing will ensure the contract’s terms are fair and that they mutually benefit both parties. It also allows you the opportunity to negotiate contract terms.
  3. Unprotected Assets: An experienced contract attorney, particularly one who understands your industry, will ensure your individual and/or business assets are protected, should a breach of contract occur or if a drafted contract is missing essential information or terms that affect its enforceability.

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To protect your business and financial future, you’ll want to leave contract drafting to an experienced lawyer who understands your rights, needs, and industry. Contact us at KTF Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with our team. Whether you’re an individual or business owner, we’ll provide you with legal counseling, professional contract drafting services, representation in breach of contract disputes, and more!

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