January 20, 2017

Are Legal Websites Really Cheaper Than Hiring a Lawyer?

In 2017, it seems like you can learn anything you want on the internet. While this explosion of information in the digital age has incredible advantages for many all over the world, it can present some problems when seeking legal counsel. Over the past few years, many legal websites have started offering contract drafting services at a lower cost than traditional fees of business attorneys. Unfortunately, these fast and cheap sites are generally not the best solution for anyone looking for quality contract drafting or will creation services.

As leading Minneapolis attorneys, the business and family lawyers at KTF Law take pride in providing our clients with the most reputable and professional legal services. An important part of this involves education on how to best evaluate the many legal options available. Below are a couple facts to think about when considering using an online legal service:

Pay Less Up Front, More Down the Road

One of the big selling points of online legal sites is their affordability. Some even claim to help you write a contract for under $100. However, many of these sites simply plug your information into a set template that looks exactly like every other they create. In order to ensure the best legal protection, every business contract should be crafted for each specific situation.

Solution: Make the investment to ensure your business contract or will is written correctly up front to protect yourself down the road. A contract lawyer’s fee to write a contract is much less than the cost of going to court over a poorly written contract.

Faster isn’t Always Better

Saving time is something we can all get behind, but not when it comes to writing contracts or wills. Many legal sites promise to draft a business contract or write a will in under an hour. This can be an enticing offer when most of us don’t want to even think about anything legal for more than an hour. However, time is what it takes to ensure your contract can withstand any legal challenges down the road.

Solution: Take the time to sit down with a reputable contract lawyer. They will ask you questions and dig into things you may have never thought of that will protect you or your business far better.

Contact the Minneapolis contract lawyers at KTF Law to learn more about drafting a will or writing a business contract. We will work with you to find a professional legal solution to protect your interests that also fits your budget and busy schedule.

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