December 18, 2015

Minneapolis law firm, minnesota legal servicesThis is “go time” for retail stores as holiday shoppers across the nation scour the shelves to cross off every last item on their gift lists. Each year, the media loves to talk about which products are the hot commodities and hype up the spending records that were broken, but it’s rare to hear a story from the other side of the madness.

The National Retail Federation reported that U.S. retailers are looking to add over 700,000 jobs this holiday season to prepare for the many gift shoppers. Seasonal workers are vital for stores and many are asked to work during the holidays. Life doesn’t stop on the these days so it makes sense that somebody has to keep the lights on, but aren’t these workers legally entitled to extra pay for doing so?

Federal law and state laws offer no provision for an inflated overtime rate for working over the holidays. Private employers (no matter the size of the business) can require their employees to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year and pay them the same as a normal workday. Federal law does require that a nonexempt worker be paid time-and-a-half for every hour over 40 worked in a week. So if a worker were to pick up an extra shift on Christmas that would take them over 40 hours in that week, their employer are required to pay them their typical rate plus 50% for every hour over 40.

A worker’s contract, union agreement, or an employer’s policies will typically outline their practices for paying employees for working during the holidays. Workers should check these documents to find out the specifics of their pay during the holidays. Even though it may not be legally required of them, employers should consider factors like employee morale and satisfaction when deciding on holiday pay rates.

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Minneapolis law firm, minnesota legal services
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