A wedding is one of the happiest days in an individual’s life. Unfortunately, sometimes marriage does not work out and the next step is divorce. Cases involving family law are an especially difficult and emotional time for everyone involved, but many don’t realize that they can be just as hard legally. Minneapolis’s own KTF Law helps educate individuals on the legal steps he or she will need to take to make the smoothest transition through a divorce process.

The idea and thought of divorce can be intimidating to anyone. As one starts to gather more information and documentation, he or she should compile a list of questions that they have involving the steps of divorce or regarding legal terminology they may not understand. KTF Law Firm helps individuals find proper legal representation to guide them through the process and result in the best outcome possible.

Before someone can begin this process, there are 8 documents they will likely need to give their divorce attorney. Providing complete and accurate documentation limits confusion and clutter throughout the process. These documents will help your attorney during the negotiation stage of the proceedings. The more organized an individual is before going into court, the better prepared they will be to support their case.

These 8 Documents are crucial, for an individual to present to their attorney before divorce proceedings:

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Real Estate Purchase/ Mortgage Statements
  • Saving Passbooks/ Saving Certificates
  • Checking Accounts/ Bank Statements
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Itemized Debt List (Credit Cards, Medical, Loans, etc.)
  • Pension Funds (Retirement Funds, 401K, Mutual, IRA)
  • Automobiles (Title, Registration)

Beginning this process can be scary and confusing for everyone involved. Emotions run high and rash decisions can be made. Having the proper information, knowledge, and legal representation is a step one must take to provide the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. Whether you need attorney legal services concerning a divorce or are simply in need of legal services, contact KTF Law Firm. Our Minneapolis attorneys will guide you through this difficult time in your life with expert legal services.

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